Welcome to the Elite Gold Investment Plan - Discover a straightforward and rewarding way to invest in gold. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a secure and smart investment choice for everyone, not just the experts.

Invest the Way You Want to

At the outset, it’s important to understand that we offer two distinct types of investment opportunities:

Direct Investment Contracts

Choose from our tailored investment contracts - Classic, Advance, and Premier. Each contract is designed to cater to different investment capacities and preferences, offering a direct path to participate in gold trading with us.

Premier Account Management

The investors preferring to invest through another broker, our Premier Account Management offers a tailored solution. The convenience of having their investments managed by our seasoned professionals. 

Why Choose our Elite Gold Investment Plan?

Guaranteed Investment

Your investment is safe and protected, ensuring security and peace of mind.

Impressive Annual Returns

We've consistently seen an average of 50% return on investments each year, showing our strong performance in the gold market.

Over 20 Years of Gold trading Expertise

Our long experience in gold trading works in your advantage.

Easy Access to Your Initial Investment

Withdraw your initial investment easily, available in cash or your preferred mode of payment.

Automated Fund and Risk Management

Advanced technology drives our fully automated fund and risk management, ensuring accurate, efficient, and consistent investment oversight.

One of Our Strategies: Collective Wisdom

Merging diverse market insights for informed and smarter investment decisions.

Withdraw Your Profits Your Way

Tailored to different investment contracts for your convenience.

VAT-Free Trading

Pure gold (999.9) transactions without VAT.

Direct Investment Contracts

52-Week Contract Period for All

Premier Contract

$500,000 Investment
Withdraw your profit share every 4 weeks.

Example for earning : The potential to earn $250,000 annually.

Advance Contract

$100,000 Investment
Withdraw your profit share every 8 weeks.

Example for earning : The potential to earn $50,000 annually.

Classic Contract

$10,000 Investment
Withdraw your profit share every 12 weeks.

Example for earning : The potential to earn $5,000 annually.

If You Need to Withdraw Early - Exit Fee

Flexible but Fair:

We understand the need for financial flexibility. If you need to exit the investment before completing the 52 weeks contract period, here's what happens:

Exit Fee Structure:

During the notice period, you won't receive profit shares. This serves as the exit fee, allowing us to manage the early termination of the contract fairly.

Premier Account Management Plan

For investors who prefer not to purchase a direct contract but still wish to invest $500,000 or more, our Premier Account Management plan is an excellent option. This involves:

  • Opening an Account:
    You can open an online trading account with any reputed broker of your choice that aligns with our specified trading conditions, with an investment above $500,000.
  • Providing Us Access:
    Grant us full access to manage your account for gold trading.
  • Different Profit Sharing Terms:
    The profit sharing under this plan is tailored to maximize your returns, with our expert trading team managing the operations.
  • Exit fee structure:
    It's important to note that the exit fee structure for this arrangement is distinct from that of Direct Investment Contracts, which is detailed in the related agreement.

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Join the Elite

  • Choose Your Investment Path: Decide whether to purchase a direct investment contract with us or opt for the Premier Account Management plan.
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  • Fund Your Account: Once registered, you'll be guided on how to fund your investment.
  • Start Earning: With everything set up, you're ready to earn from your gold investments with us.

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