Step into the realm of gold investment with our Advance Contract, an ideal choice for investors seeking a balance between substantial investment and significant return potential. The Advance Contract is designed to cater to those ready to elevate their investment strategy with a solid commitment, offering an engaging way to participate in the gold market with a $100,000 investment.

Key Features

  • Investment Amount: $100,000
  • Profit Withdrawal: Withdraw your profit share every 8 weeks, striking a balance between regular earnings and investment growth.
  • 52-Week Contract Period: A year-long engagement, providing a structured approach to your investment journey.
  • Early Exit Option: Offers a 4-week notice period, ensuring flexibility with a structured exit fee for those who wish to withdraw early.


Secured Investment

Your investment amount is guaranteed, offering peace of mind alongside the potential for significant returns.

Consistent Earnings Potential

Aim for substantial returns with the opportunity to earn significant profits on your investment (Expected 50% ROI).

Support and Technology

Leverage our two decades of experience in gold trading, complemented by advanced fund and risk management technology.

Flexible Profit Access

Profits are calculated based on our carefully chosen risk ratio and credited to your account every 8 weeks.

How to Invest in the Advance Contract

Open your investor's account on our user-friendly platform designed for secure and efficient investment activities.

Deposit a minimum of $100,000 to qualify for the Advance Contract. This investment level is crafted to reflect your commitment and potential for returns.

Navigate our platform to find and select the "AdvanceGold$100k" symbol, marking your entry into this exclusive investment tier.

Each lot is equivalent to a $100,000 contract size. Choose and purchase one lot to start your Advance Contract. This process is made to be as simple as buying any type of financial contract on the trading platform, tailored to the asset's specifics.

Your purchased contract is committed for 52 weeks. If you decide to pull out your investment before the end of this period, an early withdrawal fee will be incurred. Furthermore, if your investment is initiated during the week, the contract officially starts the next Monday, with profit calculations beginning from that day.

With our Elite Investment Plan, you have the flexibility to purchase multiple contracts, each accompanied by a separate agreement, enabling you to diversify your portfolio and tailor your investment strategy.

Accessing your profits

Every eight weeks, your investment profits will be deposited into your account, reflecting the earnings based on our strategic risk approach. This deposit serves as the formal transfer of profits to you. You're presented with options that give you the flexibility to direct your investment returns in a way that aligns with your financial objectives. The options are as follows:

Immediate Withdrawal

Once your profits are deposited, you're free to withdraw them immediately.


Consider putting your earnings back into another contract to boost your investment's potential.

Internal Transfer

If you prefer, transfer your profits to your trading account to start trading independently.

Other Contracts Available

Explore a range of investment opportunities within the Elite Gold Investment Plan to find the option that best suits your financial goals:

Premier Contract

For those looking to invest $500,000, offering the highest potential returns with profit withdrawals every 4 weeks.

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Classic Contract

An ideal starting point for new investors, requiring a $10,000 investment with profit withdrawals every 12 weeks.

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