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FOREXer traders can now deposit in gold and trade with gold!

Offered exclusively by FOREXer, traders can now discover the exclusive forex gold trading account and open accounts in deliverable gold. EAU gold deposit accounts are an innovative alternative to the merger of trading with a real deposit currency backed by a cash gold currency tied to the market price of gold. EAU is a decentralised, private gold-backed currency capitalizing on functionality, use-value, and worldwide recognition. We developed EAU as a neutral medium of exchange backed by deliverable gold for international transactions and local expenditures.

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Minimum deposit of 10,000 EAU

Start trading with only 10 Gram Gold 999.9

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50+ trading instruments

Trade EAUUSD and other fx pairs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies

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1 lot =  1,000,000 EAU = 1 KG

 1000 EAU = 1 gram of pure gold 999.9

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Deliverable wallet (Min. 10,000 EAU)

All EAU accounts are backed by deliverable gold


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Gold, unlike fiat currencies, has demonstrated to be less sensitive to price drops and innately insusceptible to inflation - due to its scarcity. While you secure your life assets, you can also spend, trade, and exchange with an EAU gold account.

  • Funding and withdrawal from the EAU gold account can be done with any fiat or digital currency.
  • Traders can withdraw physical gold from EAU treasuries around the world.
  • EAU gold account gives you access to all trading options and products offered by FOREXer.
  • Account information (balance, profit, loss, etc.) is measured in the unit of EAU.
  • To trade with gold, traders must choose "EAU" as the base currency when opening their FOREXer5 account: Minimum deposit: 10,000 EAU.

Trading with a gold deposit account is a safe haven against socioeconomic and political instability.

Deposit Gold to trade

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