The Premier Contract represents the zenith of investment opportunities within the Elite Gold Investment Plan, offering discerning investors a direct route to substantial gold market earnings. This guide outlines the straightforward process for purchasing a Premier Contract through Forexer, ensuring a seamless and secure investment experience.

Key Features

  • Investment Amount: $500,000
  • Profit Withdrawal: Enjoy the flexibility of withdrawing your profit share every 4 weeks, ensuring regular returns on your substantial investment. 
  • 52-Week Contract Period: Commit to a year of growth with a structured investment timeline.
  • Early Exit Option: A 2-week notice period allows for financial flexibility, with an exit fee structure designed to fairly manage early withdrawals.


Secured Investment

Your investment amount is guaranteed.

Maximized Earnings

Potential to earn $250,000 annually (expected ROI of 50%), showcasing the high-return nature of this contract.

Dedicated Support

Access to a dedicated account manager and premium customer service.

Automated Fund and Risk Management

Benefit from cutting-edge technology ensuring efficient and consistent oversight of your investment, complemented by our 20 years of gold trading experience.

How to Buy a Premier Contract

Start by registering an account with Forexer. Our platform is designed to provide you with a secure and user-friendly environment for your investment activities.

To participate in the Premier Contract, you will need to fund your account with a minimum of $500,000. This substantial investment underlines the serious earning potential and exclusivity of the Premier Contract.

Once your account is funded, navigate through the platform to find the "PremierGold$500k" symbol. This unique identifier is your gateway to purchasing Premier Contracts.

Each lot corresponds to a contract size of $500,000. Select and buy 1 lot to initiate your Premier Contract. The process is designed to be as straightforward as purchasing any financial contract with the nature of asset on the trading platform.

The Instrument or contract purchased is blocked in your account for 52 weeks. Should you wish to withdraw your investment before this period ends, please be aware that an early exit fee will apply. If your investment begins partway through the week, your contract will officially start on the following Monday, and profit calculations will commence from that day.

Keep in mind, that the flexibility of our Elite Investment Plan allows you to purchase multiple contracts, each with its distinct terms and benefits. This enables you to diversify your investment portfolio within the same trusted framework of the Elite Gold Investment Plan

Accessing your profits

Every four weeks, we'll deposit the profits from your investment into your account. This amount reflects the earnings for that period, calculated according to our selected risk strategy. Consider this deposit as the official settlement of profit payments between us. You have options designed to give control over your investment earnings, allowing you to decide the best course of action based on your financial goals. The options are as follows:

Immediate Withdrawal

You can choose to withdraw your profits as soon as they are deposited.


Alternatively, reinvest your earnings into another contract to further increase your investment's growth.

Internal Transfer

Transfer your profits to your trading account to begin trading on your own.

Other Contracts Available

For investors with different financial capabilities or investment strategies, we also offer the Advance and Classic Contracts. Each provides a unique set of terms tailored to various levels of investment.

Advance Contract

Designed for investors looking to invest $100,000, with tailored withdrawal periods and returns.

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Classic Contract

An entry-level option for those looking to invest $10,000, offering a gentle introduction to gold investment with competitive returns. 

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