Begin your journey into gold investment with the Classic Contract, the perfect starting point for new investors or those preferring a more cautious approach. With a manageable entry investment of $10,000, the Classic Contract opens the door to the gold market, providing a secure and guided pathway to earning potential.

Key Features

  • Investment Amount: $10,000
  • Profit Withdrawal: Access your profit share every 12 weeks, allowing time for your investment to mature and yield returns.
  • 52-Week Contract Period: Commit to a full year of investment, offering a structured timeline to monitor and see the growth of your funds.
  • Early Exit Option: A 6-week notice period is available for investors seeking early withdrawal, with a clearly defined exit fee structure to manage such requests fairly.


Secured Investment

Your investment amount is guaranteed and safeguarded.

Accessible Investment Opportunity

Designed for ease of entry into the gold market, making it ideal for first-time investors.

Steady Growth Potential

While the investment is modest, the potential for earnings is consistent, aligning with our strategic market insights.

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from the full range of our expertise and technological support, ensuring your investment is well-managed and secure.

How to Invest in the Classic Contract:

Open an account to start your investment journey, supported by our secure trading platform.

Deposit $10,000 into your account to meet the Classic Contract's entry requirement, marking your first step toward gold investment.

Look for the "ClassicGold$10k" symbol on our platform to purchase your Classic Contract, symbolizing your engagement with the gold market.

Each lot corresponds to a contract size of $10,000. Select and buy 1 lot to initiate your Advance Contract. The process is designed to be as straightforward as purchasing any financial contract with the nature of asset on the trading platform.

Your Classic Contract investment is locked for 52 weeks. If you choose to access your funds before this term ends, an early withdrawal fee will be incurred. Moreover, if your investment is made mid-week, the contract will take effect from next Monday, with profit calculations starting from that point.

Remember, you can buy multiple contracts through our Elite Investment Plan. Each one comes with its own set of terms and benefits, giving you the chance to diversify your investments within our secure framework.

Accessing your profits

Every twelve weeks, we deposit your investment profits directly into your account. These deposits represent your earnings for that period, calculated according to our chosen risk strategy, and serve as the official settlement of profit payments to you. You have options that aim to provide you with control over your investment earnings, allowing you to choose the path that best fits your financial goals. The options are as follows:

Immediate Withdrawal

You can withdraw your profits immediately once they are deposited.


Alternatively, you can reinvest your earnings into another contract to further enhance the growth of your investment.

Internal Transfer

If you prefer, you can transfer your profits to your trading account for your trading activities.

Other Contracts Available

We understand that investors have diverse financial capabilities and investment preferences. That’s why we provide a multiple selection of contracts, each designed for different investment levels and strategies:

Premier Contract

Ideal for investors looking to commit $500,000, offering the convenience of withdrawing profit share every 4 weeks.

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Advance Contract

Tailored for those with $100,000 to invest, with profit withdrawals available every 8 weeks.

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These contracts are designed to cater to varying investment capacities and offer different withdrawal schedules to suit your financial goals and strategy.