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Forexer Awarded Best Prop Firm Broker of 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Forexer has been awarded the prestigious recognition as top 100 Trusted Financial Institutions at the PROFX Awards Dubai 2024. This accolade highlights our dedication to providing top-tier prop trading services and exceptional opportunities to traders globally.

At Forexer, our Prop Trading Plan is designed to empower traders by offering access to substantial trading capital. Aspiring traders can manage funds up to $200,000 through a structured evaluation process. This begins with a Real Challenge, where traders select their desired funding amount. For example, securing $10,000 in funding requires a $200 participation fee for the initial evaluation phase. Traders who achieve a 10% profit while adhering to account rules advance to the Evaluation stage at no additional cost.

In the Evaluation stage, traders undergo a similar process, and upon successful completion, they become Forexer traders. We then provide the capital for them to trade with, allowing traders to withdraw up to 90% of the profits generated from their trading activities.

Key benefits of Forexer's Prop Trading Plan include:

  • Regulated Forex Broker: Ensuring security and compliance.
  • Access to Trading Capital: Manage up to $200,000 in capital.
  • Evaluation Process: Ensures only skilled traders advance.
  • Profit Retention: Withdraw up to 90% of profits.
  • Established since 2003: A trusted and stable presence in the trading industry.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous support and resources from Forexer to enhance trading success.

This recognition is particularly noteworthy due to our exceptional support for prop traders. Our ability to generate the best profits for prop traders has solidified Forexer's reputation as a leader in the prop trading brokerage sector. By consistently providing profitable opportunities and superior trading conditions, we empower traders to achieve their maximum potential.

At Forexer, we are set to continue our trajectory of success and influence in the trading world. Our achievements are expected to inspire other firms and traders to pursue excellence and innovation. As the industry evolves, our focus on strategic advancement and superior service will remain pivotal in defining the standards of prop trading and brokerage services.


For more details about our Prop Trading Plan, please visit Prop Trading page.

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