Real Account 

Access the global $2,409 quadrillion Forex Market by opening a real FOREXer account and start trading major currency pairs, commodities and cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day, five days a week on the world's most reliable FX trading platform, Forexer5. Providing you with a customer-centric trading experience is our priority. No swaps, No commissions, tight spreads, transparency and a range of professional trading tools to meet your trading needs. Discover opportunities on forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies by becoming a FOREXer today.

Standard Trading Account

Traders can access instant trade execution, competitive spreads with no commission, and a wide range of markets.

Trading platforms and terminals


Trading Instruments:
Currency pairs, Precious Metals, CFD on energy products, Cryptocurrencies

Minimum deposit:
1,000 USD/1,000 EUR/1,000 GBP


Maximum leverage:

Deposit Bonus:
50% up to 10,000$ bonus

Base currency for opening an account



Margin and Spreads

Margin and Spreads


Deposit and Redeposit Bonus!

For a limited time only, double your deposit by activating the 100% deposit bonus exclusively at iFX Expo Dubai 2023 FOREXer booth.

In case you missed that offer, Increase your balance now and receive a 50% deposit bonus when you deposit or redeposit at least $1,000 - claim up to $10,000 bonus (T&C applies)*.

1.Open an account

Register and verify your details and open an account in minutes


Fund your account through our secure funding portal + receive your deposit bonus


Start trading on the desktop or via the app

*Bonus Terms and conditions

  1. A 50% bonus is open to NEW and EXISTING clients who deposit or redeposit into their Trading Account.
  2. The bonus is valid for 30 days from the deposit date.
  3. The client must deposit a minimum of 1,000 USD.
  4. The credited Bonus will be for trading purposes only and non-transferable, and cannot be withdrawn.
  5. Upon Withdrawal or transfer Request, the credited bonus will be withdrawn from the Trading Account Balance.
  6. Internal Fund Transfer is not permitted. If an internal transfer is requested, the 50% bonus will be subject to withdrawal.
  7. Should the Trading Account balance be negative, the bonus will be subject to withdrawal.
  8. Under no circumstances shall Forexer Limited be liable for any consequences of any offer cancellation or decline, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by Stop out.
  9. The offer cannot be combined with any other offers from Forexer Limited.
  10. If Forexer Limited suspects or has reason to believe that a client has abused or attempted to abuse the terms and conditions of this offer, or has acted in bad faith, Forexer Limited reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold, withdraw or terminate from that client the offer.


Demo account

Experience real trading and get full market exposure without any risk! Use virtual funds of $10,000 to test strategies and practice trading with the most user-friendly trading platform, Forexer5. Using a demo account, you can evaluate yourself in real market conditions with live rates and volatility while developing your trading skills. As well as experiencing virtual money in transactions, you experience trading strategies and forecasting without risking any real money. Demo accounts are used by advanced traders to test the conditions provided by a broker before trading on a real account. You can start trading on a real account once you have performed all necessary operations on a demo account and understood the risks involved in trading.

Start risk free trading


Zero Spread products

Forexer offers 11 products that include the 7 major currency pairs, precious metals, and commodities with zero spread. Offered in Forexer5 with a zero extension in the symbol (0) - EURESD0.

- The only cost that traders have to pay in trading zero spread products is commission and swap (overnight interest).

- Zero spread products are offered only in accounts with the base currency dollar (USD).

Leverage in Forex trading

The default trading account of applicants is automatically set with a leverage factor of 1:500. However, the customer can choose the leverage factor of their account from a range of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500.

The leverage ratio of digital currencies is always fixed at 1:20. This means that if the leverage ratio of the trading account is 1:500, digital currency transactions will be done with the same ratio of 1:20.